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Shipping & Returns

return policy is to ensure committed customer satisfaction on our website, security and customer service offers. However, if you are not happy product, you can use the sequence returns to choose.

7 - day return policy:
When ordering in a damaged condition delivered, or not, you can get the drugs used in its original packaging together with invoice, you get the same conditions, and a refund. Our courier partner, the address you provided, to gather, and will get back to us.

Back Returns
Our courier partner commissioned by the customer's address provided to collect. Customers pay for the return the product, without the shipping costs.

How to start the refund?
1, contact the product within 7 days of receipt.

2, prior to receiving the email confirmation, customers should return the product.

3, all the products in its original condition, unchanged and return unused.

Bring invoice / warranty card in the package return process. If none of the above cases, the return will not be processed

Please note that any request within 7 days from the date we do not accept delivery of the order.

We will process your refund once we receive the product. This product must not be used in the case in the original packaging with original tags and bill, or a refund is not possible.

Once the refund process has been started, the amount will be refunded directly to your account, the transaction from or by check (the amount of the refund is by check, only the use of the customers debit / credit card and placed the same pattern of cases did The contract will have been not used).

If the customer pays the amount of COD in the case of the Internet, and then the interior of the warehouse receipt in returned product (S) 7-15 working days to under (ie cash reimbursed advance once the product received in cash when customers pay) the amount either by check or online transfer of Neft (National Electronic Funds Transfer) will be refunded. Refund will the customer's choice: 1, if the customer is a canceled checks returned product, a refund in 7-15 working days and the amount will be returned by online transfer of NEFT directly to the customer's account. 2, if the customer is not the amount of canceled checks, and then by refund will be sent by courier at the time of application / to provide the customer's address. It may take up to 30 working days.

We regret to inform the exchange of products, is impossible. However, customers can choose to add the product as mentioned back.

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